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Lesvos Car Rental Terms and Conditions

1. In order to rent a car from any category, the client should be at least 21 years old.

2. The driver must hold a valid driving license issued at least one year before the rental commencement.

3. Minimum car rental period is one day (24 hours). After the passage of 24hours, and depending on the season the rental takes place, an extra day is charged.

4. Gasoline: The customer must return the gasoline tank at the same level as taken. Money for extra gasoline is not returned back. The customer is charged for less tank level according to the car type. (Cat. A,B,C: 15€/quarter, Cat. D,H,I,J: 20€/quarter, Cat. N,S,V: 25€/quarter).

5. Reservation is made for a specific Car Category but NOT for a specific car model.

6. Full insurance with Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is included in the price.
The Deduction limit (maximum liability) is as follows:
600€ for Car Categories A & B
700€ for Car Categories C, D & H
1200€ for Car Categories I, J, N, S & V

7. SCDW: The renter may limit his liability for legal participation, in any damage made to the car, to 50% by choosing the Super Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (SCDW), at an additional cost of 7€ per day of rental
FDW: The renter can eliminate his liability for his legal involvement in any damage made to the car by choosing Full Insurance 0€ Liability (FDW), at an additional cost of 14€ per day of rental.
The company recognizes the extra insurances only if it has been recorded and signed by the renter in the rental agreement.

8. By no means is the driver insured against any damages caused to the lower part of the car or to the vehicle’s wheels. In addition to the prior, no insurance coverings are legally applicable in case the car driver is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs, barbiturates or any other substance or in the event of an accident following a violation of Greek law.

9. On delivery of the car, it is the renter’s responsibility to examine it and ensure that the company`s employee will mark any damages on the rental agreement. It is equally the renter’s obligation to return to the company the car along with all official documents, tools and accompanying accessories in the exact same condition in which they were delivered to him, and in the time and location specified in the rental contract. In an opposite case and after the lapse of the agreed date and time of the car collection, the renter is under the obligation to pay to the lessor company the amount corresponding to compensation for use of the car.

10. The lessor company reserves the right to recapture possession and use of the rental car at any time with no previous warning and without the renter’s consent, but at his expenses, from whatever location and by whatever means, in case in the company’s judgement there is potential risk of damage or loss of the car, as well as a risk of not collecting compensation for use and every other compensation owed to the lessor company.

11. It is the renter’s obligation to look after the car, to maintain the car in good condition, to check its mechanical condition, oil level and water level, the tires of the car, etc., and, in general, to ensure the safe drive of the car. No repairs of the car may be realized by either the renter or third parties without the lessor company’s prior authorization.

12. Taking the car across Greek borders, as well as ferrying the car or transporting it by train or other means of transport is forbidden without the lessor company’s prior written authorization.

13. The renter will bear exclusively and in full the expenses of traffic fines or any other administrative contravention.

14. It is prohibited to sublease the car to third parties or to use the car for transporting people or property for hire, for taking in tow or hauling cars or other material, for participating, running or following any kind of racing activities for transporting illegal materials or in any purpose that is against the laws of the Greek Republic.

15. No third person may use or drive the car besides the renter and any additional driver as specified in the company’s rental agreement.